About me

Hi, my name is Martin Kubes. 

I am husband, father and former firefighter.

As a firefighter, I worked for the Fire and Rescue Service of the South Bohemian Region in Cesky Krumlov. I took part in many interventions, including major events, such as the flood in the Summer of 2002 or the tragic bus crash in the Winter of 2003.
Despite the fact that it has been many years since I left, firefighting is still a matter of the heart for me.

I have been producing original backpacks, bags and accessories under the REHOSE brand for more than eight years. I use only first-class materials and components for production. I focus on precise processing and offer original products with high-quality.

I prepare all products by myself, starting with my idea, making the pattern, following hand material cutting and use the sewing machine to finish the product. The whole process is "one man show".

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